David Needham

West Side Story

"there is beautiful contrast too in David Needham's choreography, notably when the leaping, angular aggression of the fights yields to a wistful, fluid and sublime ballet to Somewhere"

Pat Ashworth - The Stage

The show has often been hailed the greatest dance musical ever, so does this new production live up to its legendary reputation?

The answer is a resounding yes, thanks to a truly sterling cast and sublime work from David Needham, whose creative choreography and musical staging is outstanding from exciting prologue to sombre curtain call.

From the opening of the prologue, seamlessly interweaving dance steps with fighting, to the energetic dance at the gym; through the fiery and feisty Sharks' banter of "America" and stunning Jets' number "Cool", Needham's watertight dancers perform every number to well-drilled perfection.

Elizabeth Ferrie - whatsonstage.com

"Brilliant choreography by David Needham outdoes even the best they've done here in a successtion of stunning musicals"

Pat Ashworth - The Gaurdian

"David Needham as choreographer making full use of the huge cast in glorious flowing movement and dances"

June Brown - Blaby Courier

West Side Story